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Introducing the Barbers Bibb

Celebrity Hairstylist - Tobby "THE KING

"As a Celebrity Hairstylist & Professional Educator, I've found "The Barbers Bibb" a complete GAME CHANGER This product/merchandise allows me to complete my job seamlessly, without the aggravation of clients bowing their heads for ANY reason that would distract/hinder my Professional Performance. I highly recommend EVERYONE in the BEAUTY Industry to invest in purchasing "THE BARBERS BIBB", for all your Beauty MUST HAVES. "



About Us

The Inspiration Behind The Bibb 

"I would have to give all that credit to the guidance of the holy spirit from my Lord and savior Yashua/Jesus through the inspiration of the scriptures PSALM 37:4 ' DELIGHT YOURSELF IN THE LORD, AND HE SHALL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART..'" 


Jerald B. Inventor of the Barber's Bibb

Why Was Barbers Bibb Created?

Being a barber for over 28 years, it was understood that in the industry, a kids' haircuts can be a task at times as they tend to run from the clippers due to the noise or pinching. Whatever the case may be, typically, the first thing a kid does is drop their chin into their chest which makes it difficult to cut their hair.

The Barbers Bibb is designed to assist the barber by holding the child's head in a secured comfortable position, so that the barbers' free hand is now being used to hold their tools or to maneuver the child's forehead to accomplish a nice fade and/or accurate edge up.


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